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How do our products attach to your vehicles?

Our products will attach to your vehicle with a paint safe automotive approved adhesive. This adhesive is strong enough to ensure that your product sticks on strong and won't damage the surface of your car upon removal.

If I buy, when will I recieve my product?

You will recieve your product typically within one week. However, this can vary depending on location. 

Are our products safe to remove?

All of our products can be removed safely and won't leave any damage upon removal. Applying the heat from a hair dryer directly to the product, will soften the bagde/decals adhesive allowing it to be removed safely from any surface.  

What are our products made from?

Our 3D Badges are made from a unique metalised chrome polymer which gives it a metal look and allows it the flexibility to mould onto any surface.

All of our other decals are made from our very own Lenscal Technology giving each product a high gloss resin coating that won't crack, discolour or go brittle over time.

Are all products licensed merchandise?

Yes we have an Official AFL License which allows us to manufacture and sell our range of AFL Badges & Decals. 

We also have a Warner Brothers License which allows us to manufacture and sell our range of WB Badges & Decals.

Where are these products made?

All of our products are manufactured in Australia.